I had been looking for a house off and on for a few years and over that time had met a few realtors either through recommendations from friends or looking at houses on my own. Nothing seemed to work out as my budget would not line up with my expectations or taste, but more importantly, I didn’t feel that the realtors I had met were truly interested in me or helping me find a home. I literally felt as though I was viewed purely as a business transaction. What I wanted was a realtor to view me as what I was: a person making a very important life decision, an investment in my future, a place that met my needs and wants, a place that fit me, a place that I would be able to call my home and be at home. Then one day, I met Kevin through one of his listings that I viewed as an independent/unrepresented home buyer. I knew the moment I met Kevin that I wanted him to be my realtor. It turns out I wasn’t interested in that particular house, but Kevin worked with me since that day and a few months ago I bought my first home. Kevin is wonderful. He listens. He is truly interested in helping you. He is honest, very well informed, patient, and genuine. He thinks about your long term goals, and how a particular home would or could fit those needs and is truly interested in making sure you find the house that is to be your home. He is there for you whenever you have a question even for questions you have after you’ve bought your house. Kevin is absolutely the best. – See more at:

Ronni Moore